Fall in Love with Korčula

Savour the good food and superb wines

Immerse yourself in Korčula’s narrow walkways, stroll on its romantic boardwalk, discover the charms of the local gastronomy…

On our Korčula boat tour we will make sure you see and experience the most of this enchanting island.


8 hours tour for € 720 / HRK 5.500

Family friendly

Pet friendly

Fully customizable

Up to 6 people

Pickup at your accommodation
Water, wine & fruits
Wi-Fi, towels, masks & snorkels
Go-Pro camera 
Floaties for children

Price per tour
Credit Card
Cancel 24 hours in advance for a full refund
Korčula Boat Tour - Aerial

Island of Marco Polo

Home of the Great World Explorer

Born in 1254 in Korčula, Marco Polo started his journeys around the world at the age of 17. His uneasy journey from Venice to China with his father and his uncle lasted for more than 3 years. But fear not, our Korčula boat tour will be just the opposite. We will get you there quickly, comfortably, safely and make sure you enjoy every minute. And you will have the opportunity to visit Marco Polo’s birthplace, turned into museum, and to find out more about this small, but wonderful island.

Korčula Boat Tour - Entrance to Korčula Old City

Korčula’s Treasure

The Richness of Culture and Nature

Korčula abounds with cultural events, such as Moreška sword dance and Baroque festival. There are also great architectural and cultural sights to visit: St. Mark’s Cathedral, Revelin fort, Church and Brotherhood of All Saints, St. Anthony’s hill, and many more.

However, Korčula also has something we are completely sure it will fascinate you – swimming spots in small bays, and secluded beaches all over the island. According to many visitors, some of the best beaches in Croatia are right here. And by booking our Korčula boat tour, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to explore them.

Korčula Boat Tour - Proizd Beach

The Best Beaches

Rocky, Sandy, Pebble,… and Magical

Korčula is blessed with many beaches and small islands where you will have plenty of opportunities to swim, snorkel, sunbathe and relax. Rocky, sandy and pebble beaches, and small caves are all around the island.

Featuring top gastronomy, natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere, you will absolutely love Moro Beach Stupe on Vela Stupa island. You’ll be amazed with Lumbarda’s sandy beaches, pebble and rocky beach Bilin Žal, fine pebble beach in Pupnat, the Vela Spila cave in sunbathing paradise of Proizd, pebble beaches and hidden coves on Badija, small lovely pine-forested island,…

All of them have something in common: they will mesmerize you with serenity, blue-green-turquoise clean sea and lush green surroundings. With views like these and exclusive treatment we will provide, you will indeed fall in love with Korčula.

Explore Dubrovnik by boat

“This amazing adventure was the highlight of our entire vacation. The views are breathtaking and the ability to explore your surroundings through out the ride was unforgettable. We were taken to places we could have never found on our own. Our guides were knowledgeable and answered any questions we had, they were attentive and wanted to make sure we all had a great time! My family and I felt as if they were friends showing us around, and that really set experience apart from the other activities we did.”

Rewind Dubrovnik Reviews on Google my Business

“A wonderful experience, the perfect escape from the crowded city. And Luksa was the best skipper ever!!! Highly recommend to anyone! :)”

Explore Dubrovnik by boat

“…On top of all this, we were provided with loads of drinks (Beer/Vine/Soda/Juice…etc). Towels were also included which was great. We even managed to recorded a great video with Luksa’s go-pro cam that he brought with him on the boat – but on top of that we were amazed when we saw that he brought a drone so that we can record our stay on the beach.”

Rewind Dubrovnik Reviews on Google my Business

“I recommend this for families, couples, and solo travelers, Luksa will take very good care of all of your needs, we just left to come back home and I am already missing it!”

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