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Why choose our private boat tours from Dubrovnik?

We are local, young and skilled seamen who put special emphasis on more personal approach to our guests.

We don’t just do boat tours, we help you create memories for a lifetime. Our wish is to show you the hidden beauties of Dubrovnik’s coastline and islands, a true paradise for people who love the sea, nature and adventure.


We do our very best to make you feel like a movie star, speeding on the boat with the wind in your hair, having a cold drink, listening to good music, taking pictures, and fully enjoy your vacation.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Ride

Exploratory Spirit is What Drives Us

Being born and raised in Dubrovnik gave us the privilage to spend so much time sailing in close vicinity of the very Old Town, but also around the islands in Dubrovnik’s coastline, and even further. Ever since we were children, we have felt it is in our nature to explore, to uncover the untouched pieces of nature’s paradise.

At that time, having a small boat for us meant having the freedom to explore the coastline and islands near our hometown. And, to be honest, for a long time we have been tempted to keep the beautiful locations we have discovered exclusively for ourselves.

However, we have come to a conclusion that such beauty increases its worth if seen and spoken of as many people as possible. That is why we have decided to create Rewind Dubrovnik by Boat, a small but high quality services company.  

Tours with Positive Emotions

Feelings to Linger with You for a Long Time

We want to share all those amazing locations we have discovered with you, our dear guests. We strongly believe in our idea of providing boat tours tailored according to your wishes, enhanced by our knowledge of the local history, architecture, islands and hidden coves and bays.  

Our wish is for you to feel ultimately comfortable from the moment you step on our boat, and throughout the entire tour or transfer. And we want for that feeling to linger with you for a long time after you have returned to your home. That is how we know we are doing a good job in helping create your lifetime memories. 

We wholeheartedly hope you will recognize our quality, and choose us for your private boat tours in Dubrovnik.

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