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A group of dolphins swim underwater in the clear blue sea near Dubrovnik, showcasing the vibrant wildlife.

Dubrovnik’s Wildlife: On Land and At Sea

Join Rewind Dubrovnik as we explore some of the wildlife you could hope to spot while enjoying your vacations in Dubrovnik and surrounding areas. Read more…
Aerial view of lush green islands surrounded by blue sea, with more islands and a mountainous landscape in the background.

The 5 Best Boat Trips from Dubrovnik

Check out Rewind Dubrovnik’s guide to the 5 Best Boat Trips from Dubrovnik including a Private Sunset Dubrovnik Boat Tour. Find out more!
An aerial view of a coastal town with red-roofed buildings situated between rocky mountains, a river and a bridge connecting two sides, under a partly cloudy sky.

What are Some Non-Touristy Places to Visit in Croatia? 

From the island of Cres to the town of Omis, Rewind Dubrovnik reveals the best non-touristy places to visit in Croatia. Click to discover more hidden gems!
Aerial view of a narrow sandy beach stretching into the sea with dense green foliage on one side and clear blue water on the other. A speedboat, possibly part of Dubrovnik's private boat tours, creates a wake in the dark blue sea.

What are the Best Beaches in Croatia?

From the famous Zlatni Rat to the Sunj Beach, read Rewind Dubrovnik’s guide to the best beaches in Croatia, including hidden gems. Click for more!
Aerial view of a private boat tour anchored in clear blue waters near Dubrovnik, with three people swimming nearby.

The Five Best Dubrovnik Boat Trips

Looking to explore the Adriatic Sea? Rewind Dubrovnik has put together the five best Dubrovnik boat trips, from Elaphiti Islands to Mljet. Click for more!
Two people sit on a bench under a blue sky with clouds in Dubrovnik, with two bicycles parked nearby.

What is the Best Way to Explore Croatia?

Are you trying to figure out the best way to explore Croatia? Rewind Dubrovnik has the answer, from boat tours to bicycle trips. Click to find out more!
Upward view of an ornate, multi-story stone tower featuring columns and intricate carvings under a clear blue sky, reminiscent of the historic architecture seen in Dubrovnik.

Exploring Historical Dalmatia: Dubrovnik, Split, and More

Join Rewind as we explore the historical region of Dalmatia and its four key cities: Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, and Šibenik. Read more…
A secluded, narrow cove with clear blue water surrounded by high, rocky cliffs and lush greenery awaits you on one of our private boat tours from Dubrovnik. A small building with a red roof sits quaintly near the water's edge, perfect for those idyllic day trips.

Movies and TV Series Shot in Croatia

Did you know that Croatia is basically one big film studio? Learn about some great drama shot in and inspired by Croatia. Read more…
Aerial view of Dubrovnik, a coastal town with numerous orange-roofed buildings, a marina with boats, and a stone wall surrounding the area, set against a backdrop of the sea. Perfect for day trips and private boat tours.

A Guide to Croatia’s 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Join Rewind Dubrovnik as we explore Croatia’s 10 fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from the Palace of Diocletian to the city of Trogir and beyond…
A glass of white wine on a wooden table with wine bottles, corks, and green grapes in the background evokes memories of private boat tours around Dubrovnik.

Three Wines to Try While in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a first-class destination for wine lovers. Today, we explore three Dalmatian wines to try this summer. Learn more…
A small boat floats on clear turquoise waters near a lush, green forested shoreline under a bright blue sky—an idyllic scene perfect for private boat tours and day trips from Dubrovnik.

A Short Guide to the Elaphiti Islands

Join Rewind Dubrovnik for our short guide to the beautiful Elaphiti Islands — a paradise destination close to Dubrovnik. Read more…
A historical apothecary shelf with blue and white ceramic jars and containers, some labeled, alongside wooden drawers and decorative accents, viewed from the front in a well-lit room—perfect for those interested in Dubrovnik day trips or private boat tours.

Dubrovnik’s Best Museums

Join Rewind Dubrovnik as we explore Dubrovnik’s cultural landscape and choose our favorite of the city’s museums.
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