The 5 Best Boat Trips from Dubrovnik

Having been born and raised in Dubrovnik, we understand how special the city and the surrounding islands are. Living on the Adriatic Sea has given us the privilege of spending our days swimming in the shimmering waters, exploring concealed coves and caves, and discovering the hidden gems the area offers. Therefore, we can provide you with something unique: a chance to experience Dubrovnik like a local.

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime all from the comfort of our luxurious Marlin 23 rib speedboat; discover the splendor of the Elaphiti Islands, a group of islands situated northwest of Dubrovnik. Whether you want some quality time with that special someone in your life, some family fun in the sun (your 4-legged friend can come along too!) or want to live the good life with your besties, our tours are private and personalized! You can expect to be treated like royalty from the moment you step on board.

We are extremely proud of all our Private Dubrovnik Boat Tours, which is why it is with a heavy heart that we’ve had to choose only five for this guide. With over 750 five-star reviews under our belt, you can rest assured that booking a tour with us is the right decision to make. 

Wine Tour to Elaphiti Islands from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s microclimate creates the perfect conditions to make exquisite wine; it’s only right that you should take full advantage by going on our 4-hour Wine Tour To Elaphiti Islands.

You’ll depart from Dubrovnik’s Old Town and glide up the Croatian coastline to the Elaphiti Islands. Your first stop is the stunning Šipan Island, where you’ll go on an exclusive tour of one of Dubrovnik’s premium wineries. As you are guided around the lush landscapes of the vineyard, you’ll engage in a sampling of the delectable wines, accompanied by the freshest local food. 

The next stop is the idyllic Lopud Island, where you’ll go on a leisurely stroll through the delightful Lopud village, soaking up the peaceful atmosphere of island life with every step. When it’s time to return to Dubrovnik, hop back on our luxury boat and immerse yourself in the stories of the city’s rich history told by your knowledgeable skipper. Enjoy Dubrovnik’s ancient city walls from a unique perspective as you cruise along the Adriatic Sea.

Full-Day Elaphiti Islands Tour with Blue Cave

Our Full-Day Elaphiti Islands Tour will see you snorkeling, cliff jumping, and swimming your way around the Elaphiti Islands. Step on board and prepare for 8-hours of adventure, starting with Lokrum Island. 

Lokrum Island can be seen from Dubrovnik Old Town and is a rite of passage when visiting the city. You’ll sail over to the picturesque Lokrum Island and enter the Fisherman’s Cave situated on the eastern side. Finish up your tour of Lokrum Island by cliff jumping from the Fisherman cave’s entrance. Sure to get the adrenaline pumping!

You’ll then cruise up the Adriatic Sea to our next stop: Koločep Island. You’ll head to its most famous landmark, the Blue Cave, which can only be accessed by swimming but we’ll give you complimentary snorkeling equipment to allow you to explore this magnificent wonder properly. 

The fun doesn’t stop there; next up is the Three Green Caves. Jump in and take your best underwater pose using the GoPro camera provided. When you’ve had plenty of time to investigate the caves, you’ll set sail to Lopud Island, where you can decide if you want to stay on the speedboat and soak up the sun or if you want to disembark and explore the island — it’s entirely up to you! 

The last stop is Šipan, where you have the option to go on a wine and olive oil tasting. A perfect way to finish this unforgettable tour!

Ston and North Elaphiti’s Coastal Wonders

Explore the untapped side of Dubrovnik by embarking on this Ston and North Elaphiti’s Coastal Wonders Tour. You’ll be whisked away on an adventure to discover the hidden gems of the region, away from the prying eyes of the jam-packed Dubrovnik streets.

You’ll visit little pockets of paradise not many tourists know about including the peaceful Jakljan, Ston, and Brsečine Bay. Spend your day jumping into the sea in secluded bays that you’ll have all to yourself, visiting local salt farms, exploring the European Great Wall of China, and sampling some of the best (and freshest) oysters in the world. A truly unique experience!

Underwater Scooter Safari from Dubrovnik

Our Underwater Scooter Safari starts in the best possible way with a visit to the sandy beach of Šunj on Lopud Island. Here you’ll have time to crack open the complimentary drinks, take a dip, and sunbathe. 

Now is where the fun really begins. Grab one of our underwater scooters to mimic the other marine life by effortlessly moving through the water, spotting colorful fish, coral, and even the occasional sea turtle as you go. Your tour will finish with a trip to the Three Green Caves and the famous Blue Cave, which you can explore using your underwater scooter or a snorkel if that’s more your speed.

Aerial view of lush green islands surrounded by blue sea, with more islands and a mountainous landscape in the background.

Private Dubrovnik Sunset Boat Tour

Is there anything more captivating than an incredible sunset? On this magical Private Dubrovnik Sunset Boat Tour, you’ll head out into the open water, away from the crowds and noise, to experience the sunset in your own little bubble. 

You’ll hop on over to Lokrum Island first, where your knowledgeable skipper will inform you of the island’s history and alleged curse. The island is home to rabbits and peacocks; try and spot some while you are there!

You’ll then have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the sea. When the sun is starting to set, it’s time to snuggle up with a blanket, grab a glass of champagne and toast to an unforgettable experience. It is the ultimate romantic tour, perhaps the prime location to show that special someone just how much they mean to you by popping the big question!

Orange, pink, and purple hues fill the sky over a calm body of water during sunset, with dark silhouettes of distant hills on the horizon.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to decide which of our highly-rated tours you want to book. If you have any questions about our range of Dubrovnik Boat Tours or to create your own custom experience, please get in touch!