A DJ set is performed at a lively indoor party in Dubrovnik, with two DJs on stage, confetti falling, and a burst of sparks creating an energetic atmosphere. The vibe rivals that of the best day trips or private boat tours along the stunning Adriatic coast.
Join Rewind Dubrovnik as we choose some of our favourite bars and nightclubs in Dubrovnik. Read more…
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Stone fortress with towers and walls under clear blue sky, surrounded by vibrant orange and yellow flowers in the foreground. Perfect for day trips exploring Dubrovnik, or private boat tours along the stunning coastline.
Dubrovnik’s history stretches all the way back to the 7th century, and the city’s famous Walls of Dubrovnik have remained standing throughout it all. Today, they’re one of Croatia’s most popular attractions, due to the breathtaking views of the city they offer, and their prominent role in such TV dramas as Game of Thrones. (If...
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Underwater Scooter
Ready for a real adventure? Take a private boat tour with Rewind Dubrovnik and you can turn into a mermaid! Check out our brand new underwater scooter.
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COVID-19 situation in Croatia
Discover the best beaches in Dubrovnik, Croatia, with a little help from Rewind Dubrovnik, your go-to Dubrovnik sailing tours specialists!
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The Best Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia?
Discover the best things to do in Dubrovnik here at Rewind Dubrovnik. Learn more about this incredible city, & plan for your next adventure.
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Dubrovnik tours with a local guide - featured image
If you are passionate about discovering new destinations and truly getting to know them, then the best thing to do is to hire …
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What to do in Dubrovnik at night - Srdj view - featured image
There are many things you can do to fully enjoy your time in the Old Town, so here are a few first-hand tested suggestions what ...
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Dubrovnik Boat Tours - Rewind Dubrovnik by boat - featured image
We are a family, couples, friends, gay, and pet-friendly company offering our services ...
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