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Come experience Dubrovnik like a local, exploring the hidden coves and caves along the coastline, dipping into the sea for a refreshing swim, toasting to another stunning sunset with a glass of local wine. We’ll show you the hidden beauties of Dubrovnik’s coastline and islands: a true paradise for people who love the sea, nature, and adventure.

We are local, young and skilled seamen who put special emphasis on a more personal approach to our guests.

We don’t just do boat tours…we help you create memories for a lifetime. We hope your day with us is so special that you’ll want to rewind and replay those memories for years to come! Our crew will happily be your guide in discovering the beauties of great destinations in our cruising area.

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Our Boats

When you travel in one of Rewind Dubrovnik’s boats, you can be assured of comfort, convenience, safety, and more than a bit of luxury! Our fleet is maintained to the highest standards to guarantee our guests the relaxing and enjoyable experience they deserve — you’re on holiday in one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations, after all. 

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