Top Dubrovnik Coves & Caves

Underwater galleries of natural wonders

Dubrovnik’s coastline and nearby islands have been abundantly blessed with many natural wonders. Most probably, the first thing you will notice is clear seas and their color varying in numerous hues of blue, green and turquoise colors.

Then, the Mediterranean greenery grows along the coastline, surrounding and hiding the small coves, beautifying islands and islets. Almost every island has a secluded cave. Some of them are submerged, and you will need diving equipment to reach them, and some can easily be reached by boat. So put on your bathing suits, prepare your masks and snorkels, and let’s start exploring them together because we know all the best and hidden ones!

The closest to the Old City of Dubrovnik, Betina cave is unusual and beautiful thanks to its location, buried directly in the rock surrounded by pine trees. Just across Betina cave, on the Island of Lokrum, there are many small, magical and quiet coves.

At the far end of the island, reachable by boat (or if you are brave enough through the nudist beach), you will find the Purple Cave, named after the purple seaweed that covers the rocks.

Caves of many colors: visit the Blue Cave, Dubrovnik

You will notice that Koločep, the nearest island to Dubrovnik among the three large Elaphite islands, is abundant with secluded spots on its outer sides. Shielded with Mediterranean greenery providing shade in hot summer days, they make a perfect spot for bathing and chilling. If you head towards the island’s south side by boat or kayak, you will see the famous Blue Cave surrounded by cliffs.

You can visit Dubrovnik’s Blue Cave with Rewind on our Full Day Tour of the Elaphiti Islands & Blue Cave (also available as a Half-Day experience).

If you like sandy beaches with shallow water, you will surely love the beach Šunj on Lopud Island. It is usually crowded in the season, but if you’re quick and lucky, you might catch a nice spot in the nearby coves.

Swim in the beautiful bright Green cave on the island of Šipan – just grab snorkels and masks and swim down through the cave’s opening. And, we have saved the best for last – our Mljet boat tour offers the opportunity to visit the famous Odysseus cave. Located on the southern coast of the island of Mljet, it is an egg-shaped cave which can be entered by sea, swimming or a smaller boat. The best time to visit it is around noon because of the natural phenomenon you will be enchanted with. At that time, the sunlight creates a spectrum of colors in the sea.

Now, does this seem like a perfect photo and chill opportunity? Dubrovnik’s caves, coves, and secluded beaches and bays await you.