Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Among Europe’s five most distinguished cultural festivals

Happening from Jul 10th to Aug 25th, Dubrovnik Summer Festival is among the most prestigious cultural manifestations not only in Dubrovnik but also in Croatia. Established in 1950, it’s a quite long-standing set of different cultural events happening for more than a month on several locations in the Old Town of Dubrovnik and its close surroundings. Concerts, exhibitions, theatre plays, ballet, dances,… Dubrovnik Summer Festival has indeed a lot to offer to both tourist visitors and local residents.

Dubrovnik was always a city where the intellectual way of life and art were nurtured and highly appreciated, and as such, it was a perfect place to set up a festival like this. A manifestation which glorifies all kinds of arts. It is no wonder that plays the of prominent figures who lived in Dubrovnik in the past, famous dramaturges Marin DržićIvan GundulićIvo Vojnović, and Nikola Nalješković, prevail in the drama program.

The fireworks – highlight of the opening event

The opening of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival happens each year on Jul 10 in front Church of St Blaise. Many come to Dubrovnik to attend this special renowned occasion, and all of them wants to be seen or photographed at their best. The distinguished people from political and cultural life, residents, guests from all over the world, even world-wide known celebrities. The highlight of the opening it big luxurious fireworks, for which everyone wants to find a nice spot to enjoy the show. Since it is set on the Banje beach, perhaps one of the best and the most romantic spots is to be moored in a boat between the beach and Lokrum island. Lots of people hop in the boat, bring a bottle a good wine, play some music, have a nice time while expecting the fireworks… If this sounds tempting to you, let us know and we can organize a pleasant evening on the boat for this occasion.

The most interesting event for the locals is not the opening of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival itself, but its rehearsal taking place at midnight of the Jul 9th. They fill the auditorium and make sarcastic and funny jokes usually politically oriented, as the hosts and actors practice their performance for tomorrow’s official opening where strict eyes and cameras will be closely following their every move and word. It’s not an easy task, but the Dubrovnik people have always managed to pull out a little bit of humor and sarcasm from everything for their entertainment, even in serious cultural events like this one.