The Enchanting Lokrum Island

Fertile Land and Lush Flora

Lokrum island has settled just a few minutes’ boat ride away from Dubrovnik Old Town. Its vicinity, but above all the beauty of its natural and historical treasures, make it one of the favorite places for day trips to locals, as well as tourist visitors. The entire island is covered in fertile land and lush flora; pinecypress and olive trees provide a perfect shade during the sweltering summer days. Crickets’ song and birds’ chirping almost sound like a lullaby carrying you to a long desired nap.

Although Lokrum is a rather small island (‎0,694 km2), it hides many interesting stories, legends and places to visit. Small coves, rocky beaches, and pine trees surround the whole island. On every step you will find something fascinating: the ruins of medieval monasterywater fountains, beautiful gardens, rabbits running freely around the whole island, or peacocks prancing and flirting for food. And it’s a perfect location for swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the sunset with your loved one.

Natural Beauties Protected by The Legend

There are several interesting stories about Lokrum island. Legend has it that in 1192, caught by a storm on the return from the third Crusade war, the King of England Richard the Lionheart decided to land here. There is another, darker legend related to Lokrum Island. In 1023 the black Benedictines monks (named after their black religious clothing) founded the abbey of St. Mary on Lokrum, and the lived there for almost 7 ct. After the big earthquake in 1667, the officials of the Dubrovnik Republic turned to the Benedictines asking for money, which they did not have. So the officials decided to banish the monks from the island. Before the departure, the monks performed a procession in the middle of the night. Holding the candles upside down and chanting they circled the island three times, putting a curse to anyone who wanted to own the island.

The island is crisscrossed with walking paths and you can easily go sightseeing on foot. When you visit the botanical and Austrian Archduke Maximilian’s Gardens, you will realize why in 1963 Lokrum island was proclaimed a special reserve of forest vegetation. Fort Royal and the remains of Benedictine monastery tell many historical stories. A natural wonder made by erosion, the Dead Sea, is settled in the inland of the island and connected with the sea. The fans of Game of Throne series can visit the GOT museum, as Lokrum doubled as the city of Qarth. There are so many things to do and see on Lokrum island, and we wholeheartedly recommend to visit it.