How Much Spending Money Do I Need for Dubrovnik?

With its famed medieval architecture and scenic location overlooking the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe.

Visitors to the city have a wide array of choices when it comes to things to do, from high-end shopping in designer boutiques to relaxing on a beach or exploring the city’s many historical buildings. Join us at Rewind Dubrovnik for guidance on how much spending money you’ll need for your trip.

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Budgeting your Dubrovnik Trip

One of the common mistakes visitors make when visiting Dubrovnik is expecting the city to offer standard Croatian prices (which are notably friendly to travelers arriving with dollars, pounds, or euros in their wallets).

It should not surprise anyone arriving in Dubrovnik to find certain businesses charging a premium. You are, after all, exploring one of Europe’s great medieval cities, a place that delivers enchanting beauty everywhere you look.

We do not arrive in Madrid and expect typical Spanish prices; we do not anticipate a small, provincial French town to require the same budget as Paris; we know London will hit our bank account in a way that other British cities will not, etc. Well, Dubrovnik is the most visited destination in Croatia, and travelers should reserve a little extra cash accordingly.

However, although the city’s status means that things cost a little bit more than elsewhere in Croatia, we’re pleased to report that you can still visit Dubrovnik on a budget. 

What kind of Dubrovnik holiday do you want?

The costs involved in visiting Dubrovnik will depend on the type of tourist making the trip. Looking at averages across a range of budgeting websites will possibly leave you more confused than anything else, given the great range of prices suggested!

We recommend that you arrive with at least around $100 reserved for each day of your trip to Dubrovnik (about £75 or €88). This will allow for an enjoyable, budget-conscious trip.

If you are a high-end traveler, you must raise this budget accordingly. Accommodation, in particular, can shoot up depending on location, and you could easily spend your entire budget on your room. Book well in advance for the best deals on where to stay.

We receive many questions in relation to whether cash or cards are preferable in Dubrovnik. Like most destinations within the EU, most businesses accept card payments without any problem. But carrying an adequate amount of cash with you will ensure that you are covered for your expenses and can help with your budgeting.

Check your bank’s fees for international transactions before traveling, as this can vary. When exchanging money, do so within banks, where you will be given fair conversion rates.

The most important piece of advice in relation to your budget: decide what kind of trip you want to have before your arrival. Research the activities you don’t want to miss, find some cafes/restaurants you’d like to try, and think about where most of your spending will likely go.

Dubrovnik offers boutique hotels, designer shopping, and award-winning dining. So, if you want to splash out and enjoy a few days of luxury, this is one of Europe’s best places to do this. On the other hand, there’s a wealth of activities you can do entirely for free, meaning you can keep costs low.

Travelers should consider picking up a Dubrovnik Card, which is excellent value. The card has 1, 3, and 7-day options and will provide you with transportation passes, discounts, and access to various attractions, including the city’s historic walls. View our guide to the Dubrovnik Card here.  

Free things to do in Dubrovnik

To make your life a bit easier and help keep expenses down, we’ll share some of the best things you can do in Dubrovnik for free. More local Dubrovnik tips can be found on our website

Exploring the Old Town is the first thing you’ll want to add to your itinerary. Behind the city’s famous medieval walls, you will see the well-preserved Old Town. Here, at no cost, you can walk marble streets and enjoy what is essentially a giant, open-air museum.

Baroque architecture, evocative alleyways, and historic churches fire the imagination and give a sense of having traveled back in time. You can while away the hours people-watching from the steps of St Blaise’s church on the iconic Luza Square.

Walk the city’s pedestrianized main street, Stradun, from Pile Gate down to the city’s harbor, and you’ll get an excellent feel for the heart of the city. Free walking tours are also regularly organized and can be an excellent way to pick up local knowledge as you explore. 

Free Game of Thrones sites in Dubrovnik

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones fans can check out several locations used for filming the popular show. The Dubrovnik cityscape is used for King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms within the fantasy epic.

Check out the Minceta Tower (the House of the Undying), Fort Lovrijenac (the Red Keep), Blackwater Bay (Pile), or the Jesuit’s Stairs, where Cersei was forced into the walk of shame

For Fort Lovrijenac and Minceta Tower, you will need to buy a ticket to access the historic city walls, costing around 200 Kuna (or 27 Euro); this is, though, worth the price as walking the walls is one of Dubrovnik’s most remarkable experiences. (As mentioned above, entry to the walls is covered by the Dubrovnik Card.) 

Lovers of the outdoors have many free options available to them in Dubrovnik. Hike up Mount Srđ for breathtaking views over the city and out to the Adriatic.

The walk lasts around two hours until you reach the summit, though if you have the budget and want to rest your legs, you can skip hiking and opt for a cable car ride to the top.

If you LOVE GoT and don’t mind spending a little of your travel budget on the best experience possible, then you might like to consider our Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tour.

Visit Dubrovnik’s free beaches

Finally, restorative rest and relaxation can be found on one of Dubrovnik’s many beaches. Costs will be involved if you want to rent sun loungers, but access along the coast is generally free. Beaches such as Banje or Sveti Jakov are perfect spots to enjoy a picnic. 

This brings to a close our tips on budgeting for your trip to Dubrovnik. We hope we’ve inspired you to plan your next visit to this city with so much to offer. If you have any questions about this blog or our tours, please get in touch

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