What is the Best Way to Explore Croatia?

From Dubrovnik to Zagreb and Zadar to Split, the beauty of Croatia knows no bounds. With its glittering coastline, lush central forests, and medieval towns, there is plenty to experience across this country. 

While most people may stay near the corners of Dubrovnik, it’s possible to see so much more of Croatia with the plentiful transport options. The team at Rewind Dubrovnik would know – we were born and raised in Croatia and are proud to share our home through our private Dubrovnik boat tours

So what is the best way to explore Croatia? While it largely depends on the experiences you’re seeking, we’re here to break it down. If you have any questions about our Dubrovnik tours, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you make your journey through the city. 

Exploring Croatia by Car

If you want to see as much of Croatia as possible, travelling by car is the way to go. The cities are well-connected and the roads are safe, making it easy for tourists to rent a vehicle and make their own way through the country. 

You can journey from Zagreb to Split using the A1 motorway, passing by or connecting to nearby attractions such as Plitvice Lakes National Park, Krka National Park, and Trogir. The trip takes approximately four hours, allowing you to make the journey in a day or break it up for a multi-day road trip. 

One of the best roads in Croatia is the D8, running along the Adriatic Highway between Dubrovnik and Rijeka. Spanning over 500 kilometers, it’s one of the most scenic drives along the coastline. Expect to take it slow – this is a single-lane route with some twists and turns. 

Driving by car is also an excellent way to visit smaller towns you might otherwise skip on the touristy routes. Stray off the beaten path and see Croatia like never before!

Discovering Croatia by Bus

If renting a car is too costly, Croatia has well-oiled bus services that will make your travels much more budget-friendly. There are a number of bus companies operating across the country, with terminals in every major city. 

Check out the websites for the Zagreb bus station or Dubrovnik bus station for details on routes within the suburbs and between cities. Bus trips between major cities such as Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split can cost between €18 and €30 while shorter trips between 1 and 2 hours can cost from €8.

Using the bus services in Croatia is easy and straightforward but it’s always a good idea to check out the routes before making your travel plans. You can also download the apps of the bus operators so you can book your tickets on the go as you need.

Touring Croatia by Boat

One of the ultimate ways of exploring Croatia is by boat. The coastline is dotted with exceptional towns and idyllic islands. By boat, you can island hop your way through the Adriatic Sea. Make use of the local ferry line, Jadrolinija, to explore the Croatian coast at ease. You can also load your rental vehicle onto the larger ships if need be.

Travelling by boat is the only way you’ll reach some of Croatia’s prime destinations. On the island of Brač, you can find the iconic Zlatni Rat, or Golden Horn Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic. Take a trip to Hvar to discover the ancient Fortica Fortress or sail to Dugi Otok for pristine natural scenery. If you want to avoid using a ferry, you can also opt for speedboat transfers from Dubrovnik.  

Boat tours are an ideal way of exploring the islands, and Rewind Dubrovnik offers private excursions to suit you and your party. Sit back, relax, and sip unlimited complimentary drinks as your captain navigates the waters. On a legendary Mljet boat tour, go snorkeling in Odysseus’ Cave and explore Mljet National Park. Or, choose to embark on a full-day Elaphiti Islands boat tour with Blue Cave visit and uncover the jewel-like isles that make up this archipelago.   

If you’re looking for more travel inspiration, read our blog on the best islands to visit in Croatia!

Traversing Croatia by Bicycle 

A more unique way of touring Croatia is by bicycle. While you may not be able to traverse large regions in a short amount of time, biking through Croatia is one of the most immersive travel experiences. 

You can join a multi-day cycling tour and journey along the coast or through the mountains (depending on how fit you’re feeling). If you prefer to follow your own itinerary, you can also rent a bike locally and forge your own path. It’s also possible to combine biking with ferry trips as certain boats allow you to transfer your two wheels.

While staying in certain cities like Zagreb and Split, you can use the public bike-sharing system, Nextbike. This allows you to rent a bike on the go at low prices, and you can pick it up and drop it off at convenient locations. 

Travel Croatia with Rewind Dubrovnik

Ready to discover Croatia? With so many travel options, exploring our country is possible for anyone. And we can’t wait to welcome you! If you’re planning on visiting Dubrovnik, we have a range of boat tours and private tours from Dubrovnik by land, giving you plenty of sightseeing choices. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our excursions. See you soon!

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