The Five Best Dubrovnik Boat Trips

There’s no better way to experience Dubrovnik’s beauty than by boat. Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, this city is flanked by crystalline waters dotted with emerald islands, just begging to be explored. 

Taking a boat out of Dubrovnik allows you to not only admire the city from a unique perspective but also discover some of Croatia’s hidden gems. At Rewind Dubrovnik, we specialize in private Dubrovnik boat tours that take guests to myriad coastal treasures, so we have a good idea of the best trips in the city. 

We’ve put together this blog on the five best Dubrovnik boat trips, from island excursions to sunset cruises. If you have any questions about our boat tours, feel free to contact us for more information. 

1. Elaphiti Islands Boat Tour from Dubrovnik

    One of the best Dubrovnik boat trips is a tour of the breathtaking Elaphiti Islands. Made up of three main isles, Sipan, Lopud, and Kolocep, this archipelago is world-renowned for its sandy beaches and clear waters. 

    A major attraction on the Elaphiti Islands is the Blue Cave on Kolocep. This incredible cave is naturally lit up in bright blue hues, and you can experience it by swimming or snorkeling. While at Kolocep, you can also explore the Three Green Caves, with their sparkling jade waters. 

    At Lopud Island, you’ll find the picturesque Sunj Beach. With golden sands stretching for nearly one kilometer and shallow waters, it’s the perfect location for relaxing in the sun or family-friendly beach activities. For a taste of local culture, head to Sipan Island for a tour of local wineries. Sip on delicious wines and savor other fresh produce like olive oils. 

    You can visit all three of these islands with our Full-Day Elaphiti Islands Tour with Blue Cave Visit, offering you a private experience that also makes a stop at Lokrum Island. If you want to learn more about this beautiful archipelago, read our Short Guide to the Elaphiti Islands.

    2. Dubrovnik Sunset Boat Cruise

      There’s nothing quite like seeing the sun set over the red roofs of Dubrovnik from the water. A sunset cruise from the city is a highlight of any trip to Croatia, giving you one of the most romantic and memorable experiences in the Pearl of the Adriatic. 

      Dubrovnik sunset cruises typically last around 1.5 hours and come with champagne or drinks so you can toast to your incredible evening out. Gently sail along the coastline and admire the exceptional views – you’ll definitely want to bring your camera! 

      You can join Rewind Dubrovnik for a private Dubrovnik sunset boat tour, enjoying a speed boat for just you and your loved ones. Our skipper will take you to the Betina Cave in Lokrum Island and share other secret sights along the way.

      3. Mljet Boat Tour

        Mljet Island is a haven of natural beauty. One of the greenest islands in Croatia, legend has it that Mljet was where the hero Odysseus was held by Calypso. Today, you can explore Odysseus’ Cave on a boat trip here, as well as other major attractions of the island. 

        Mljet is home to Mljet National Park, the oldest marine park in the Mediterranean. Nearly 90% of the park is covered in trees, the majority of which is the scented Aleppo pine. The lush ecosystem beckons migratory birds and over 100 species have been recorded here. In the forests, you may even spot deer and wild boar. 

        Visit this stunning island as part of our Legendary Mljet Boat Tour, where you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel in Odysseus’ Cave and explore the Mljet National Park.

        4. Lokrum Island Boat Tour from Dubrovnik 

          One of the most accessible islands from Dubrovnik is Lokrum Island, which is a 15-minute ferry trip from the city. This small isle is replete with incredible attractions, including a Benedictine Monastery and a historic fort.

          On the island, stroll in the beautiful botanical gardens or relax on one of the numerous beaches. An alluring feature is Mrtvo More, or “Dead Sea”. This natural saltwater pool on the island offers cool, shallow waters ideal for a rejuvenating soak. 

          Lokrum Island is a major draw for Game of Thrones fans. The island served as the setting for Qarth in the TV series, and has a replica Iron Throne for visitors to sit on! Located at the visitor center at the Benedictine Monastery, take your seat on the throne and make sure to capture a photo!

          For more ideas on where to take a boat tour from Dubrovnik, read our blog on the Best Islands to Visit in Croatia.

          5. Korcula Boat Trips from Dubrovnik

            Off the Dalmatian coast, the island of Korcula offers a secluded escape from the city. From its picturesque old town to its historic cathedral and sheltered beaches, Korcula provides an idyllic getaway from the usual touristic crowds. 

            A particular highlight of Korcula is its numerous wineries. Embarking on a wine tour here will expose you to the native wine that is produced only on the island – Posip. Another popular Croatian wine variety, Grk, is also predominantly grown on Korcula, making this island a must among connoisseurs. 

            It’s easy to travel to Korcula by using our private speed boat travel between Dubrovnik and Korčula, ensuring you waste no time navigating ferries and opening up your day to sun tanning and wine tasting.

            Custom Boat Tours with Rewind Dubrovnik

            With so many more coastal jewels to discover, this list is just the beginning when it comes to the best Dubrovnik boat trips. From the city, you can travel as far as Slovenia and Montenegro on a multi-day cruise in the Adriatic. Our team at Rewind Dubrovnik are on hand to create the bespoke Dubrovnik boat tour for you, ensuring you have the trip of a lifetime. Contact us for more details about our private tours and luxury vessels. 

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