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Private Tour of Elaphiti Islands by Boat

Check out Rewind Dubrovnik's private tour of Elaphiti Islands. Enjoy snorkelling, stunning beaches, forests, & the luxuries of a top-quality speedboat!

Dubrovnik Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

For thrilling land and water sports, and Baltic nightlife with a touch of the medieval, Dubrovnik is the perfect stag location. Click for our top party ideas.

Dubrovnik Hen Party Weekend Ideas

From total thrill to total chill, Dubrovnik has everything for a classy and memorable weekend, be it paradise islands, beach parties, or world-class wine.
Boats in the stunning port of Sipan Island

What Island Should I Visit in Croatia in July?

Join Rewind Dubrovnik as we discuss which island you should visit during a July holiday in Croatia. Read more…

10 Things to do Around the Elaphiti Islands, Croatia

Our 10 favourite Elaphiti activities, including sea scooters, dolphin-spotting, boat tours and octopus salad. Click to plan your paradise island trip.
city walls in Dubrovnik

How Crowded is Dubrovnik in the Summer?

Join Rewind Dubrovnik as we discuss how crowded Dubrovnik gets during the summer months and offer practical advice for planning your Croatian adventure.
Overview of Dubrovnik

Is a Vacation to Dubrovnik, Croatia, Worthwhile?

Dubrovnik, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” is a dream destination, offering some of the most beautiful cityscapes you’ll ever likely see.  It has gained popularity over...

What is the best Croatian island?

Croatia’s islands are as diverse as our natural wildlife; there is really something for everyone. We at ReWind Dubrovnik, however, have a number of priorities: our tours are...

6 Reasons to Explore the Elaphiti Islands while in Dubrovnik

As Dubrovnik locals, we know exactly where to go when we want to escape the bustle of the city. The Elaphiti Islands form a small archipelago a few...
Croatia Lake Waterfall

How Would You Describe the Culture in Croatia?

When traveling to a new country, it’s essential to understand the local culture to appreciate and enjoy the experience fully. Croatia, a stunning country on the Adriatic Sea...

What’s the Best Time to Go to Croatia?

Many factors come together to make a memorable holiday. There’s the destination itself, the attractions you choose to visit, the food, the people, and, of course, the weather....

What Time of Year is it Best to Visit Croatia?

Croatia has been gaining popularity as a tourist destination in recent years. And with its stunning beaches, charming towns, and rich history, that should be no surprise! From...
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