Movies and TV Series Shot in Croatia

Did you know that Croatia has been the inspiration and filming location for an array of TV and movie directors? Yes, the country’s many historical wonders and diverse natural landscapes make it an ideal backdrop for drama, from period pieces to Sci-Fi and Fantasy epics. 

As you continue reading, imagine retracing the steps of beloved screen characters and experiencing the settings of your favorite films and series on your upcoming journey to Croatia.

The nation’s romance with the camera began in the 1960s and has only flourished since, turning it into a hotspot where you might just brush shoulders with film and TV royalty. Ready to wander through these unforgettable scenes? Let’s look at a handful of our favorite movies and TV shows associated with Croatia! 

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Canto Bight from Disney’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Source)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Filmed in Dubrovnik)

Dubrovnik was the inspiration for the high-stakes casino city of Canto Bight in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The city’s 16th-century Old Town was transformed into a vision of the future, complete with otherworldly aesthetics. 

The film’s director, Rian Johnson, was captivated by the location, remarking on the exhilaration of shooting thrilling speeder chases through Dubrovnik’s historic alleyways. Dubrovnik was electric with excitement as palpable as stormtroopers and rebel adventurers ran through the Old Town streets. Dubrovnik proved to be the perfect location for an intergalactic drama to unfold.

Imagine walking the same cobblestone streets where droids and aliens once mingled under the glow of futuristic lights. Visitors to Dubrovnik can relive these moments, experiencing the historical grandeur that made the fictional Canto Bight so memorable.

King’s Landing, as Imagined in HBO’s Game of Thrones (Source)

Game of Thrones (Filmed Across Croatia)

Croatia’s picturesque settings have played a pivotal role in bringing the fantastical lands of Game of Thrones to life. Dubrovnik, famously doubling as King’s Landing, encapsulates the medieval charm and political intrigue of the Seven Kingdoms’ capital. The iconic Lovrijenac Fortress perches dramatically on a cliff, overlooking what was transformed into the Blackwater Bay.

The UNESCO-listed Old Town of Dubrovnik was not just a backdrop but a key player in many of the series’ most memorable moments, including the harrowing Walk of Shame. Meanwhile, the mystical Diocletian’s Palace in Split housed the subterranean quarters of Daenerys’s dragons. Further north, the formidable Klis Fortress stood as the city of Meereen, where Daenerys first flexed her rule in Slaver’s Bay.

For fans wandering through these locales, each corner of Croatia offers a piece of the series’ lore, from the lush gardens of Trsteno Arboretum, serving as the palatial greenery of the capital, to the remote island of Lokrum, the stand-in for the exotic city of Qarth. 

Croatia not only provided the canvas for these epic narratives but has become a pilgrimage site for fans, eager to step into the very scenes that have enchanted them on screen.

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Doctor Who (Filmed in Trogir)

Doctor Who, the beloved British sci-fi series, found a temporal home in Croatia for two of its episodes featuring the Eleventh Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith. Trogir, a historic town nestled on a small island connected by bridges to the Croatian mainland, transformed into 16th-century Venice for the episode titled “Vampires in Venice”. The ancient stone buildings and winding streets of Trogir provided the perfect stand-in for the Venetian canals, infusing the episode with an authentic Renaissance feel.

In another adventure, “Vincent and the Doctor”, parts of Trogir were cleverly adapted to evoke the post-impressionist settings of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings. This artistic reimagining of Trogir celebrates its architectural and historical grandeur, seamlessly blending with the thematic elements of the series. 

These episodes not only showcased Trogir’s timeless beauty but also cemented its place in the legacy of Doctor Who, illustrating how even a small Croatian town can become a gateway to different worlds!

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Porco Rosso (Inspired by Vis)

Hayao Miyazaki’s creative genius found a muse in Croatia when developing his Studio Ghibli classic, Porco Rosso. Set against the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea, this animated tale unfolds along the eastern coast, between the Dalmatian shores and the Kvarner islands. 

The protagonist, an Italian World War I ace pilot named Marco Pagot, who transforms into a pig due to a mystical curse, finds solitude in his secret hideaway in Stiniva Cove on the island of Vis. Reflecting on themes of disillusionment and transformation, Marco leads the life of a bounty hunter during the rise of fascism in Italy.

Miyazaki rendered the landscapes of Croatia beautifully in a narrative that championed anti-fascist sentiments, community support, and the power of love. Watch this Studio Ghibli masterpiece and we guarantee that you’ll be dreaming of setting off on your next adventure! 

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