Where to Eat on Elaphite Islands?

Lopud Island

When booking our boat tours, guests often ask us where to eat on the Elaphite Islands. No wonder, as tasty food in supreme restaurants is among the best highlights of vacation, right?

Lopud is a small island with a great number of restaurants, cafe bars, pizzerias, etc. Many of them offer good service, as well as homemade fresh food. However, from our personal excellent experience, our special recommendation goes to the restaurant Dubrovnik. It is settled in Lopud port, on the boardwalk overlooking the sea. Their cuisine is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, and it has been their specialty for over 20 years of family tradition. You can be absolutely sure the food is fresh, as the menu depends exclusively on the availability of daily caught fish, crabs and shellfish. And if you’re lucky enough (read: make your reservation in advance), you might just get a table on the seafront terrace and have your meal with the sound of waves and breathtaking views.

Šipan Island

Šipan is the largest of the three Elaphite Islands, and as such it abounds with places to eat in each place you visit. Since it has the highest number of olive trees in regard to its population, locally made olive oil is an inevitable seasoning for most meals. And while we’re at inevitable, restaurant Konoba Kod Marka in Luka Šipanska is indeed a must-visit! They serve freshly caught and prepared shrimps, prawns, fantastic seafood risotto, grilled fresh fish, scrumptious tuna carpaccio salad, fish panada, … accompanied by locally grown vegetables. Does it feel like you can almost taste it all? Well, then you must try their specialty – octopus burgers! We honestly admit that this is our best recommendation when it comes to where to eat on the Elaphite Islands.

Another notable restaurant on Šipan is Bowa, best reachable by boat. Aside from great food (daily catch of fresh fish, hand-picked vegetables, fruit from their own garden and home-made olive oil), they offer a lounge area, cabanas and free sunbeds on the beach right in front of the restaurant. It is a perfect setting for enjoying a meal on a hot summer day.

And there you have it, our three favorite places where to eat on the Elaphite Islands. Should you decide to book our Elaphite Islands private tour we will take care of both fun time and food savoring.