Why Visit Ston – The City of Salt

The entrance gate of Pelješac

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Dubrovnik (or maybe you are already here) the chances are you are also looking for interesting places to visit nearby. Ston is certainly a must-see, explore & experience destination. It is attractive to visitors not only because of its close vicinity to Dubrovnik via road or boat but also because of its rich history in such a small area. In case you are a gourmand, you will absolutely love it! It offers everything you need for pure hedonism: nice sights, tasty food (emphasis on seafood and shells!), and excellent wines.

In order to conceive the historic importance of Ston and its present look, we have to tell you a little bit about its glorious history. It became a part of the Republic of Dubrovnik in 1333. Being the narrowest point of Pelješac peninsula, its entrance gate actually, the Republic had to make sure Ston is well protected. So, in 1358 began the construction of the city walls almost 7 km long. It is the world’s second-longest preserved fortification system today, also known as the “European wall of China”. The Walls are opened for sightseeing, and we highly suggest it, it a truly unique experience. The view from above is amazing!

The production of “white gold”, shellfish and wine

In the Middle Ages salt was considered and accepted as a mean of payment, worth as much as the gold, so it is no wonder Ston was always in need of defense. It is perfectly geographically positioned for salt production, so the local saltworks (the oldest in Europe) is functional even today, and opened for visitors. The bay of Mali Ston is a very fertile area for growing shellfish; oysters, in particular. If you like seafood, you will be smitten with local restaurants’ menus abounding with fresh fish dishes. Peninsula of Pelješac is a well-known wine-growing region, especially for Dingač and Postup, two excellent indigenous sorts of wine. The waiters will happily help you with pairing wine with your dish. Also, there are a few wine shops and wineries nearby. Go wine tasting, find a wine you will fall in love with, take home the best souvenir from Pelješac.

Besides the saltworks, city walls and good restaurants, you can also visit the lapidary, the House of winemaking tradition, or even go bathing on the beautiful sandy in the nearby bay of Prapratno. Ston is accessible by car and by boat. Of course, our suggestion is always a boat. This way, you can enjoy the boat ride, sightsee the coastline, and get there pleasantly avoiding the traffic jams and the heat. We promise it will worth your while!

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