Are There Sharks in Croatia’s Waters?

Search for the words “Croatia’s waters,” and you’re likely to find an array of photos displaying Croatia’s stunning natural beauty: clear, bright blue waters and pristine sandy beaches. The islands of Croatia promise sun and relaxation.

But does one of nature’s scariest animals swim just beneath the surface of the water? Is Croatia home to sharks? Join us today at Rewind Dubrovnik Boat Trips as we answer that question.

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Sharks in the Adriatic?

So, can sharks be found in Croatia’s waters? The short answer is yes.

Up to 47 different species of shark are found in the Adriatic, including blue, bull, tiger, and, yes, even the fearsome great white shark! But despite the occasional sensationalist story, there is little chance of you having any close encounters with sharks.

It’s true that in 2008 a diver was attacked by a suspected great white shark, but the incident was newsworthy for how unusual it was, rather than it representing any kind of the norm.

From the relevant statistics, we can see that since 1900, there have been 25 shark attacks in Croatian waters, with 14 people killed; the last such incident was in 1974.

If, by comparison, we look at the number of shark attacks in the US or Australia during the same period, we’ll see that they have had 1,999 and 1,237 attacks, respectively. So, your chances of an unpleasant encounter with the great hunters of the seas are incredibly small.

The sad reality is that shark populations have plummeted during the 20th century due to overall drops in fish populations and, therefore, the shark’s food sources, mainly due to overfishing. The statistic that should be making headlines annually is that 100 million sharks are killed each year by humans. The animals are often carelessly killed as bycatch — if we do not do more to ensure sustainable fishing, many species will be at risk of extinction.

If there is any danger related to animals in Croatia’s coastal regions, it would be in the form of prickly sea urchins and jellyfish. Simply stay mindful of your surroundings while travelling and you are unlikely to experience any unpleasant encounters — the most significant safety precaution you must take is suncream!

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Swimming in Croatia’s Waters

The real thing to remember when coming to Croatia is how magnificent the country’s seas truly are. Croatia possesses some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery you are ever likely to see and the water is normally perfect for swimming, diving, and playing watersports.

Croatia’s waters are crystal clear (making it easier to spot any incoming sharks!), their temperature mild, and there will be plenty of opportunities to explore secluded bays and coves. Hop from island to island in a country that can boast 2,843 hours of sunlight annually and feel the revitalising effects of getting out into nature. 

In conclusion, you will likely find Croatia one of the most rewarding places to swim in Europe. Once you discover the country’s picturesque islands, bays, and coastal villages, the thought of historical encounters with sharks will be far from your mind! 

We sincerely hope we’ve inspired you to plan your trip to coastal Croatia, to explore glowing azure waters in glorious sunshine!

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