Is Croatia a good place to visit during Covid 19?

Keeping up with all the changing rules for travel can be complicated and overwhelming. We want to help you determine if Croatia is a good place to visit during Covid 19 so you can choose for yourself based on where you’re coming from, how much time you have, and how flexible you can be with ongoing changes.

The first thing we can say is that international travel requires some degree of extra flexibility these days. As we’ve seen over the last year, border restrictions can change whilst you’re on holiday. It’s important to know what could happen and plan accordingly for both your budget and your time. 

We want to offer you the information you need for travel restrictions as well as helpful insights for being in Croatia during Covid. We take every precaution here at Rewind Dubrovnik, with safety always being top of mind. We also run a helpful Facebook group called Traveling to Dubrovnik-Local Tips to facilitate ongoing conversation and to answer your questions. Feel free to join us to stay up-to-date there!

Latest Covid Cases in Croatia

To understand the current situation and see the latest cases of Covid 19 in Croatia, you can review the Covid cases map of Croatia here. Note you can select a specific region to review a more localised situation if you intend to only visit one area. 

What are the travel requirements for Croatia during Covid-19?

For detailed information on entering Croatia, you can review the Croatian National Tourist Board’s resource hub outlining the latest guidelines and any recent changes.

The current travel guidelines for anyone coming from the US can be found on the State Department website. There are also CDC guidelines you should review as well as the individual requirements for your airline. In the US, masks have been mandatory on flights since January 2021, so do bear that in mind for your upcoming travels.

The current travel restrictions and requirements for anyone coming from the UK can be found here. Keep in mind the different requirements if you are returning to EnglandScotlandWales, or Northern Ireland and plan accordingly. 

If you’re coming from an EU country, take note of the current travel restrictions and requirements on this site. The EU digital COVID certificate will be in use from 1 July 2021 onwards, so be sure to review those details and obtain yours to travel! 

Overall rules for inbound travel to the EU from elsewhere can be found here.

Where to Get Covid Tests in Croatia

You can find helpful resources for where to get Covid tests in Dubrovnik via our Facebook group, where locals can offer insights based on new updates at any time. Tests are required in many situations, both for entering Croatia and entering your own country, so be sure to review the current requirements when your travel dates approach.

You can also get test details at the following sites in Croatia:

Booking Activities and Accommodations in Croatia in 2021

While the travel rules can seem complicated right now, just know that Croatians are happy to see tourists come back, even if we’re cautious and taking safety precautions very seriously. As the original site of quarantine (you can see it for yourself during our Panorama Cruise Dubrovnik), we are familiar with this type of situation and do not take it lightly. 

When you book your activities or accommodations in Croatia this year, just be sure to review the cancellation policies to be sure they’re flexible and also review the company’s Covid procedures and cleaning policies to be sure you feel confident in their handling of the situation.

Tips for Looking at Cancellation Policies 

While Covid-19 continues to complicate travel and tourism, we think it is incredibly important to offer travellers total flexibility. At Rewind Dubrovnik, we have always had a flexible cancellation policy, allowing for full refunds up to 24 hours before one of our boat tours from Dubrovnik. We don’t believe in punishing people for a change of plans!

If you’re booking things to do in Dubrovnik, always look at the cancellation policies. Especially look for the Covid-19 policies, since those might differ from normal policies. You’ll want to know what happens if you or anyone in your group gets sick or cannot travel due to any related issues. 

In our opinion, you shouldn’t be charged for a situation like that when it’s totally out of your control. Times are hard enough right now, so we believe in being flexible and understanding. You can book a tour with us with confidence!

Ready to escape the norm and refresh yourself with sun, sea, and salt air? Join us in Croatia. We would be honoured to take you out for a boat tour from Dubrovnik with just you and your crew so you feel confident and safe. Get in touch if you have any questions at all!