Mesmerizing Korčula Awaits

Timeless Beauty on Korčula Island

Located between Split and Dubrovnik, the island Korčula is one of 1200 islands found along the Croatian coast. An island like any other, some might say…

But, once you have visited it, you will think of it as an island like no other. Take just a short stroll along Korčula’s boardwalk or through the narrow streets of its Old Town, with its historical architecture, and you will fall under this paradise island’s spell.

The island’s heart is Korčula Town (the island’s Old Town). The island’s main attraction is its medieval walls and towers, monuments, galleries, hotels, cafés, and restaurants.

Looking from above, you can see that the streets are positioned to form the shape of a fish bone. The reason for that is not just aesthetic. Since the whole town protrudes towards the sea, this design was created to provide sheltered living by reducing the influence of wind and sun.

Culture and Nature Meet Enology and Gastronomy on Korčula

There are a few must-visit sites, like the splendid St. Mark’s Cathedral built in the Gothic-Renaissance style, St. Mark’s Abbey Treasury, the gorgeous 15th-century All Saints’ Church, Revelin Tower, and Marco Polo’s House.

Korčula also has great cultural traditions. The historical choreographed sword dances Moreška, Kumpanija, and Mostra, as well as Klapas singing acapella, are among the most popular events on the island.

So, if you find yourself on Korčula in the summertime when they have regular performances on Plokata Square, make sure you check their performance schedule.

Korčula is brimming with beautiful sandy, rocky, and pebble beaches and fantastic bays. Some of the most magical sites on the island are so remote or hidden away that they’re only accessible by boat. However, if you book one with us using our Custom Boat Tours option, your skipper will take you to all the best locations.

Besides the crystal clear sea in various shades of blue and green, you will also notice the beauty of Mediterranean greenery and wine-growing hills.

Korčula is a real treasure chest when it comes to gastronomy and enology. Should you decide to visit it, be sure to savor all that it has to offer. Try local homemade dishes, delicacies, olive oil, and top-quality wines from locally grown grapes.

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