The Story of Stradun

The Dubrovnik’s favorite promenade

If you are planning your trip to Dubrovnik then Stradun is definitely a place you’ll find yourself at some point. In fact, we could say that in Dubrovnik all roads lead to Stradun. Why, you may ask? What is so special about this one street? But Stradun is not just a street, it is the main and the most beautiful street and promenade in the whole Dubrovnik, surrounded by the City walls.

This limestone-paved street stretches almost 300 meters throughout the very heart of the Old City. Most of the city’s main sights, restaurants, and cafe bars are concentrated around it. There are two main entrances to Stradun. The western entrance called the “Pile Gate” (Vrata od Pila) and the eastern entrance called “Ploče Gate” (Vrata od Ploča). No matter which entrance you choose and no matter the time of the day, as soon as you take the first glance on the shiny limestone you will realize why Stradun enjoys and deserves such admiration.

Needless to say, it’s not only about the architectural beauty, but also about the vibes and the life which takes place on Stradun. It is the place to be. The local people, as well as tourist visitors, like to take walks up and down (locally called “điravanje”), chit-chat, and watch other people passing by.

The origins of Stradun

Stradun was created in the 11th century backfilling the marshy channel separating the two settlements, Ragusa and Dubrava. It has been paved with limestone in 1468 and it got its present-day look after the great earthquake in 1667 when it was rebuilt. You’d think that the mirroring limestone was mechanically polished, but actually it a proof of how many people walked on it, leaving their mark during centuries.

Together with other surrounding landmarks, Stradun witnesses many courtships and love stories. Leaning against the outer side of the shop windows or simply strolling up and down the street, many boys and girls looked at each other with fondness. We like to believe that some of them, in the end, walked on Stradun hand in hand after saying their wedding vows in some of the many nearby churches. Just as the local people and the increasing number of tourist visitors today do.

Stradun is indeed a street filled with historical stories, everyday life, and romance. Don’t miss your chance to visit it and create memories for a lifetime.