Travel Info – The Post-COVID-19 Situation in Croatia

Croatian borders are opened

After almost 3 months in quarantine, we bring you good travel news on the post-COVID-19 situation in Croatia! Because of the favorable epidemiological situation, we opened our borders for tourists and other travelers. Mandatory self-isolation and quarantine restrictions are not required anymore. The Civil Protection Headquarters decided to pass the Decision which enables the Member States of the European Union (Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Austria, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Poland, Republic of Slovenia, Federal Republic of Germany and the Slovak Republic) to enter our state without having to prove the reason for their entry (business, economic, tourist, etc.).

However, there will still be a certain epidemiological control as precautionary measures. The entry of citizens of the above-mentioned Member States will be recorded and their data (place of destination, mobile phone number, and e-mail address) will be collected. If you plan to visit Croatia anytime soon, we recommend you visit Enter Croatia, a website created by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism. There you can fill out a form that will make your entry and stay in Croatia a lot more convenient.

Moreover, the post-COVID-19 situation in Croatia is indeed getting better and better each day. Out of a total of 2,246 people infected so far, 2,088 people have recovered. Today, June 3rd, there are no new cases in the last 24 hours. Precautionary measures are still effective, especially in places with a high frequency of people, such as supermarkets, medical facilities, and other enclosed areas.

COVID-19-safe holiday destination

When it comes to tourism, we are very happy to welcome tourist travelers back into our country. From the end of June Lufthansa will fly to Dubrovnik and Pula from Frankfurt, and Munich – Dubrovnik route will be operational from June 20th, once a week, every Saturday. A larger number of everyday flights are expected to be introduced from the beginning of July. Some of the hotels, restaurants, and most of the stores are opened. People are starting to lead a normal life again, all the while keeping in mind special recommendations from the Institute of Public Health.

Here in Dubrovnik, our hometown, we are very much looking forward to the tourist season and we are eager to be back in business again. It is kind of odd when there is no much foreign language chatter on the streets, a lot of people on Stradun, and the usual tourist rumble we are accustomed to. But we sure hope that will change soon because we are a COVID-19-safe holiday destination. Our tours too comply with the Institute of Public Health’s recommendations. For your protection, the boats are regularly disinfected and our staff members wear protective masks and gloves.

If you have more questions, feel free to visit Traveling to Dubrovnik – Local Tips on Facebook. Through this group, we inform travelers by providing useful info about the post-COVID-19 situation in Croatia and Dubrovnik, as well as other interesting info. Dubrovnik is waiting for you, we hope to see you soon!

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