What are the Best Beaches in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

We’re obviously a little biased here at Rewind Dubrovnik, but we think Dubrovnik has many of the most picturesque beaches in all of Croatia — and this is saying a lot when you consider that Croatia is essentially one long, beautiful coastline. If you’re planning a beach holiday to Dubrovnik, you’ve made a great decision and we’d like to make things a little easier for you by putting together this list of the best beaches in Dubrovnik. If we impress or inspire you and you’d like to book an experience with us, take a look at our custom speed boat tours from Dubrovnik and please get in touch if you have any questions.

Šunj Beach – Lopud Island Northwest of Dubrovnik

Šunj Beach (Source – Licence)

This first beach is a little while outside of Dubrovnik, but it’s included in this list because it’s still part of the Dubrovnik area and it is arguably the best beach close to the city. If you’re looking for that good soft white sand and turquoise water, this is the beach for you! For many, Šunj is the best beach in Dubrovnik, which is why it has made it to the top of our list. Given the distance from Dubrovnik, you’ll likely want to spend most of the day here; and trust us when we say that it will be a day well spent!

Copacabana Beach – On the Lapad peninsula

Copacabana Beach (Source – Licence)

Right beside the Valamar hotel complexes on the Lapad Peninsula, you’ll find Copacabana Beach. This large pebble and sand beach is stunning, with gorgeous views and shallow water that makes it ideal for young families who want to get the little ones in the water. You might wonder if the name of the beach is connected to the famous beach in Rio, but there doesn’t seem to be any relation. If you want to do more than just sunbathe, you can get out on the water for some paddle boarding and other water sports, with a range of inflatables for the children (and the big children) to play with.

Banje Beach – Close to Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Banje Beach (SourceLicence)

Banje Beach is perhaps the most popular beach in Dubrovnik, and it’s easy to see why. It is close to the historic centre of the city, so you can sunbathe with the iconic terracotta roofs in the backdrop, looking out over the blue and turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. The stony section of Banje Beach is free for anyone, but the sand part will cost a little money if you’d like to rent a sun lounger.

Coral Beach Club – West Coast of Babin Kuk

Babin Kuk (SourceLicence)

Coral Beach Club is a completely different kind of spot to the others on this list as it is a beach club with music, fancy sun loungers, and even fancier cocktails. The beach portion of this club is well sculpted, with soft comfortable sand. If you’re looking for a wild natural beach, you’ll be very disappointed, but if you’re looking for a beautifully set out beach with all of the bells and whistles of a swanky bar, then Coral Beach Club is for you.

Lokrum Island’s Beaches

Lokrum Island from the water (SourceLicence)

Lokrum Island can be found just off the shore to the south of Dubrovnik. You can get there very easily (and cheaply) by water taxi and it is more than worth the effort. This charming little island is off the beaten path, so there are far fewer people on the beaches of Lokrum than you’ll find on the other beaches on this list. This isolation also means that you shouldn’t expect nearly as many services or amenities either — just soft sand beaches, idyllic coves, and secret sea caves.

Sveti Jakov – Down the Coast, Past the Villa Dubrovnik

Sveti Jakov (SourceLicence)

This idyllic beach is a 20-minute walk down past Villa Dubrovnik, one of the most luxurious, most exclusive hotels in the country. The walk there is lovely, but if it’s too hot for walking, you can catch the No.5 and the No. 8 buses from Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The stairway down to Sveti Jakov is beautiful, but it is significantly more enjoyable to walk down than it is to walk up. You’ll just have to stay there all day so that you can walk back up when it’s a little cooler! The views from this beach are incredible. And, while it isn’t soft white sand, the shingle and pebbles are perfectly comfortable.

That’s all we have time for today. We hope this short guide has given you one or two beaches to add to your big Dubrovnik bucket list. And if you’re looking for the perfect evening activity to complement a day on the beach, our Dubrovnik sunset boat tour has a huge collection of 5-star ratings! Whatever you have planned for Dubrovnik, we look forward to welcoming you to the city!