Why You Need to Visit Mostar and the Kravice Waterfalls

Welcome to the magical world of Dubrovnik, the gateway to some of the most mesmerizing sights in the Balkans. 

In this blog, we’ll embark on a virtual journey to Mostar and the Kravice Waterfalls, two hidden gems that promise an unforgettable experience. From the historical streets of Mostar to the natural beauty of Kravice, we’ll uncover why these destinations should be at the top of your travel list when you’re visiting Dubrovnik! 

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The Journey Begins: Departing Dubrovnik

Our adventure starts in Dubrovnik, pearl of the Adriatic, one of the world’s most picture-perfect cities. As we leave, the Croatian coastline unfolds with its spectacular vistas, offering glimpses of serene islands dotting the Adriatic Sea. (If the sight of islands excites you, don’t miss the opportunity to take a Private Dubrovnik Boat Tour while on vacation.) 

We then drive along the Peninsula Peljesac, following the second-longest wall in the world. This scenic route is a window into Croatia’s past and present, revealing landscapes that offer a cocktail of historical and contemporary architecture.

sparkling wine

A Sip of Tradition: Wine Tasting in Peljesac

Next, we explore the ancient Croatian tradition of winemaking with a wine tasting in Peljesac. This region is famed for its vineyards. As we sample these local wines, we’re experiencing an authentic piece of Peljesac’s history. This part of the journey isn’t just about enjoying the wine (although we love that part!), it’s about connecting with the culture and the people who have tended to these vineyards for centuries.

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Through the Neretva Valley

As continue, the Neretva Valley welcomes us with its lush, green expanse. This fertile land, crisscrossed by meandering canals, is one of Croatia’s most important agricultural areas. 

Here, the earth brims with life, nurturing a diverse range of crops. The valley’s vibrant patchwork of fields and orchards offers a serene contrast to the coastal landscapes we’ve just admired. This segment of our journey showcases the diverse natural beauty and the agricultural prowess of Croatia.


Medugorje or Kravice Waterfalls

We are then required to make a choice: the spiritual tranquility of Medugorje or the majestic Kravice Waterfalls. In Medugorje, a serene atmosphere invites peaceful reflection, making it perfect for those seeking spiritual solace. 

Alternatively, the Kravice Waterfalls offer a spectacle of nature’s power, with cascades tumbling into a serene pool, ideal for those wanting to enjoy as much natural beauty as possible. 


Mostar’s Stari Most

Arriving in Mostar, we’re greeted by the city’s crown jewel, the Stari Most (Old Bridge). This iconic bridge, arcing gracefully over the emerald waters of the Neretva River, symbolizes the coming together of diverse cultural influences. 

Exploring Mostar’s cobbled streets, we learn about its rich history, where East meets West. Walking through Mostar, we soak in the ambiance that makes this city a living, breathing openair museum.

A Taste of Mostar

In Mostar, the adventure extends to the palate with some delectable culinary offerings. Savor traditional dishes that blend Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. From savory čevapi to sweet baklava, the local cuisine offers an authentic taste of the city’s heritage. This gastronomic experience is a delightful journey through flavors that have been perfected over generations.

The Final Stop: Pocitelj or Ston

As our journey nears its end, guests can choose between the medieval allure of Pocitelj or the charming tranquility of Ston. Pocitelj, with its Ottoman-era architecture and artistry, offers a journey back in time. 

Alternatively, Ston, known for its ancient salt pans and impressive walls, radiates a rustic charm all its own. Each destination provides opportunities for taking photos that will make all your friends at home green with envy. 

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Our journey from Dubrovnik to Mostar and the Kravice Waterfalls features all you could want from a day trip: Beautiful scenery, fascinating history, and delicious food. From sipping wine in Peljesac to marveling at the world-famous Stari Most, each moment is an opportunity to connect deeply with the spirit of these enchanted lands. 

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